Sustainable infrared heating solutions

AHT-Netherlands is a worldwide supplier of infrared heating systems, including intelligent control systems, for a wide range of applications. The infrared technology is based on extremely thin and advanced metal ribbons with a unique amorphous molecular structure. Indoor it is applied in homes, offices, hotels, churches, mosques, monuments, outdoor applications include (road) infrastructure, airports, roofs, sports fields and the agricultural world. With the AHT infrared technology, electric heating can be achieved very effectively and efficiently, with savings of up to 40% compared to traditional (electrical) and hydraulic heating systems. Infrared heating provides significantly better thermal comfort, reacts very quickly and makes it possible to heat individual parts in the same room separately.

The Dutch government has decided to shut down the natural gas crane by 2030 at the latest and new homes and residential areas will no longer automatically have a gas connection. The alternative will be an 'all-electric' residential environment where this fossil fuel is replaced by sustainably generated electricity. Electric infrared heating therefore fits seamlessly into this strategy because it offers a completely CO2-neutral solution. In terms of costs, operating and heat comfort, heating with infrared is the alternative to expensive, complex and interference-prone (hybrid) heat pumps. Infrared heating also fits in well with the transition to a circular economy as the infrared mats are modular, have no maintenance and can be used again and again.


The AHT infrared heating technology is based on a patented amorphous metal alloy, also referred to as metal glass. An amorphous heating element is produced by cooling the molten alloy very quickly (at a rate of about 1,000,000 degrees / sec). This is done by pouring the molten metal alloy onto a rapidly rotating copper drum. Because clotting occurs so quickly, it loses the normal crystalline structure and a solid with an amorphous molecular structure is formed.

The homogenous, non-limiting structure of amorphous metal alloys offers unique mechanical, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant and magnetic properties and is therefore in many ways better than ordinary crystalline metals. Once the ribbons are connected to an electrical circuit, ranging from 12 to 600 volts (AC or DC), it becomes a professional infrared heating system that is far more effective than ordinary heating wires.

The infrared heating product consists of a very thin ribbon, only 25/1000 m thick (25 μm), made with a width of up to 10 cm. The AHT infrared heating technology is primarily a comfortable way of heating because it radiates people and objects instead of heating it. Moreover, it is a safe heat source because the electromagnetic field is negligibly small and therefore harmless for both humans and animals. Finally, it reacts very quickly and can be controlled with a wall thermostat or smart phone or tablet (wifi-based).

The patented heating technology with amorphous metals was originally developed for space travel at the University of Tel Aviv.

OUTDOOR applications
The unique AHT outdoor infrared heating ribbon is a proven heating technology that has been used successfully for decades in a large number of different projects around the world. Applications include roads, cycle paths, bridges, tunnels, runways, logistics centers, driveways and parking lots, train, tram and metro platforms, level crossings, bus stops, ramps, stairs, pedestrian crossings, routes for the visually impaired, roofs and gutters (including de-icing of photovoltaic panels), agriculture (greenhouses, cultivation of crops in open fields), breeding farms (piglets, young calves) and all kinds of sports fields (e.g. football, hockey, tennis, beach volleyball). Our global engineering consultancy will be happy to advise you on the potential of this technology for your specific projects.


Slabs for railway crossings


Bus stops

Asphalt roads

Pedestrian areas



Prefab concrete slabs

Strairs and platforms

Block paving


Parking areas

Drive ways

Agricultural applications

Sports fields (natural and artificial grass, gravel)

AHT-Netherlands is part of a multi disciplinary team of companies, including Sweco Nederland en Reef Infra, that carries out large outdoor infrastrurtural projects.
INDOOR Applications
The unique infrared technology is also available for indoor in the form of flexible heating mats in various sizes. A proven technology that is already being used in all possible applications in various projects around the world. For example, the infrared heating mats can be installed under any type of floor finish, such as carpet, laminate, wooden floors, linoleum, PVC, wicker mats, etc. But also in the wall, for example behind stucco, in loam walls or just behind a finishing panel or paneling. Our global engineering consultancy will be happy to advise you on the potential of this technology for your specific projects

Industrial areas



Sport- en yogastudio's



The AHT infrared technology is also available in plug-and-play heating panels in various sizes. They provide a warm and comfortable environment in a quick and efficient way without the risk of overheating. All this at a fraction of the electrical input compared to other heating systems. In addition, a negative ion generation ensures a dust-free and powerful antibacterial effect and thus improves air quality. With only 2 cm thickness, the panels can be easily installed and becoming a part of the interior (wall or ceiling). Standard the panels are made of off-white, if desired the panels can also be provided with a color print. We also offer portable infrared panels (on a stand) for workplaces, workshops and sports studios, for example. An absolute novelty is our acoustic panels, in which the infrared heating is integrated. These are also available in different sizes and with a print of your choice. Our sales team is happy to advise you about our range.

PREFAB floor products
AHT offers a wide range of special prefab products in which the unique infrared technology is fully integrated. These 'plug-and-play' infrared heating products offer a solution for various practical applications, such as homes, offices, churches, studios and workshops. Feel free to contact us so that we can inform you about what best suits your situation.

Floor panel (industry)

Floor panel (interior)

AHT - Advance Heating Technology News updates
Huissen (Netherlands)
The AHT infrared heating ribbons were installed in a greenhouse to stimulate the growth of peonies.
Date: 28-3-2019
Gozo (Malta)
The AHT indoor infrared heating mats were installed in an apartment on the most northern island of Malta.
Date: 24-3-2019
Huissen (Netherlands)
AHT outdoor infrared heating ribbons were installed in a bed of perliet in order to stimulate growth of peonies
Date: 18-3-2019
Analyontas (Cyprus)
The AHT indoor infrared heating mats were installed in the Archangel Michael Convent Analyontas during a historical church restoration.
Date: 25-2-2019
Hoorn (Netherlands)
AHT indoor infrared mats were installed during the renovation of a characteristic Dutch house
Date: 25-2-2019
Valetta (Malta)
The AHT indoor infrared ribbons were installed in a holiday apartment in the Valetta peninsula.
Date: 21-1-2019
Friesland (Netherlands)
AHT indoor infrared ribbons were installed during the renovation of an old farmhouse.
Date: 21-1-2019
Xemxija (Malta)
The AHT indoor infrared heating mats were installed in a holiday apartment at the Mediterranean sea.
Date: 14-1-2019
Haarlem (Netherlands)
AHT indoor infrared ribbons were installed in 'container offices'.
Date: 14-1-2019
Bleiswijk (Netherlands) AHT infrared heating mats were installed in greenhouses to heat up Zamioculca plants.
Date: 07-1-2019
Bleiswijk (Netherlands)
AHT outdoor infrared heating ribbons installed in greenhouses to heat up strawberries.
Date: 07-01-2019
Moscow (Russia)
The AHT outdoor technology was installed at a railway platform.
Date: 07-1-2019
Stovolos (Cyprus)
The AHT indoor infrared heating mats were installed in the Cross Mansions Luxury Apartment Project.
Date: 17-12-2018
Kiev (Ukraine)
AHT technology was installed in luxury apartments in the French Quarter area.
Date: 17-12-2018
Athens (Greece)
The AHT indoor infrared heating mats were installed in a typical 'Greek bath' in the Elia Ermou Boutique hotel.
Date: 3-12-2018
Eindhoven (Netherlands)
AHT infrared mats installed in the ceiling for small offices.
Date: 3-12-2018
Pristina (Kosovo)
AHT outdoor infrared ribbons were installed on a ramp of a parking garage.
Date: 26-11-2018
Arnhem (Netherlands)
AHT introduced its new outdoor terrace heating mat for restaurants and cafes.
Date: 12-11-2018
Moscow (Russia)
Installing of the AHT outdoor technology on a driveway of an estate.
Date: 29-10-2018
Moscow (Russia)
Installing of the AHT outdoor technology on a ramp of a parking garage.
Date: 29-10-2018
Eigbergen (Netherlands)
AHT presented its infrared technology products at the the Berkelland Sustainability Fair.
Date: 29-10-2018
Halmstad (Sweden)
Installing of AHT outdoor technology in a driveway.
Date: 29-10-2018
St. Petersburg (Russia)
AHT showed its latest infrared technology at the BUILDING A HOUSE exhibition on October 26 - 28.
Date: 26-10-2018
Athens (Greece)
The ATH indoor infrared heating mats were installed in offices of a commercial complex.
Date: 22-10-2018
Huissen (Netherlands)
AHT technology was installed in greenhouses to stimulate growth of peonies.
Date: 24-9-2018
Kiev (Ukraine)
AHT infrared heating technology was installed in apartments in the Liberty Estate Residential Complex.
Date: 27-8-2018
Santorini (Greece) The AHT indoor infrared mats were installed in a holiday appartment on the Greek coast.
Date: 20-8-2018
Mallorca (Spain)
The AHT infrared heating mats were installed in a cement layer of a ceramic floor in luxury apartments.
Date: 17-7-2018
Arnhem (Netherlands)
AHT presents a new innovative product: a portable 'Plug-and-play' heating module.
Date: 2-7-2018
Ria Palace Aveiro (Portugal)
Installation AHT Infrared indoor heating mats in an apartment.
Date: 21-06-2018
Mold (United Kingdom)
Installation of 150m2 of AHT infrared heating mats during a house refurbishment.
Date: 11-6-2018
Utrecht (Netherlands)
Rijkswaterstaat wants to be a frontrunner on European scale in adapting the principals of the circular economy. Therefore it organized a three days symposium and matchmaking event for international delegations at their head office. AHT was allowed to present the unique infrared technology as a circular heating solution.

Date: 18-6-2018

Ede (Netherlands)
The AHT infrared technology was rewarded as one of the best 3 innovations, out of 120, in an innovation contest that was organized by the Province of Gelderland. As a result, the AHT technology was showed at their annual symposium. Several workshops were organized, where the audience was allowed to ‘install’ the technology themselves.

Date: 18-6-2018

Mold, United Kingdom
In an old Victorian house infrared floor heating mats were installed.

Date: 10-06-2018

In the ancient Chiesa San Salvatore Church in Bologna, Italy, infra prefab infrared floor heating panels (AHT Hot Pads: 126 x 52 x 3,4 cm) with wooden oak design were installed.

Date: 23-04-2018

The AHT Amorphous Ribbon indoor heating system was presented on the Innovation Boulevard of Building Holland, the major event for sustainable construction and real estate.

Date: 17-04-2018

In a monastery in Limburg piglets are kept under conditions that are as natural as possible. To further increase animal welfare, the small piglets in the piglet barn are heated with AHT infrared panels.

Date: 09-04-2018

The AHT infrared heating mats are used under a tiled floor as main heating in a Romanian apartment in Dumbravita.

Date: 04-04-2018

Circa. 70 m2 of the AHT infrared heating mats are used as main heating in an authentic building in the center of Wageningen that serves as a chocolate bar.

Date: 03-04-2018

From 13 to 16 March 2018, AHT was once again one of the 2,100 exhibitors at the biennial Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE) fair in Milan, that was visited by 150,000 visitors from all over the world.

Date: 13-03-2018

In order to provide the church visitors of the Chiesa Sinalunga church with a high thermal comfort, infra-red mats, covered with a beautiful laminate, have been placed under the church benches.

Date: 12-03-2018

To keep the seamstresses warm in this Italian sewing workshop, the AHT infrared modular floor slabs with attractive wooden design have been installed under their workplaces.

Date: 12-03-2018

In this characteristic Albanian grill restaurant in Korca the AHT infrared heating mats were installed under the existing laminate restaurant floor.

Date: 05-03-2018

The AHT infrared outdoor heating mats were used in this luxury penthouse in Athens under a beautiful ceramic tile floor.

Date: 05-03-2018

The AHT infrared outdoor heating mats were installed in the Chiesa Canepina church to warm the church visitors. The mats are on an insulation layer with a laminate finish.

Date: 05-03-2018

The AHT infrared outdoor heating plates are used by Dutch market vendors who sell vegetables on the Arnhem market near the Eusebius Church.

Date: 19-02-2019

The AHT infrared heating mats are used in a Corsican apartment where they were incorporated in a leveling mortar layer.

Date: 19-02-2018

Approx. 1,000 m2 of AHT infrared floor heating mats have been installed in this new luxury apartment complex that has been built with the latest techniques of bio-construction and bio-architecture.

Date: 19-02-2018

From 9 - 12 February 2018 the complete AHT infrared heating range was shown at the Infacoma - Aquatherm in Athens.

Date: 12-02-2018

In the spring, the branches of this Dutch vineyard are particularly susceptible to (late) frost, which can potentially destroy the entire wine harvest of that year. Reason for this winegrower to protect the vines against this cold with AHT infrared heating ribbons.

Date: 12-02-2018

Under the laminate floors of this apartment complex, the AHT infrared mats are used as main heating source.

Date: 12-02-2018

The AHT HotOut modular heating modules have been uniquely applied to an (indoor) balcony to keep the ceramic tiles free of ice and snow.

Date: 05-02-2018

The AHT infrared heating mats were used as the main heating source of the Phapos Limnaria Gardens project in Cyprus.

Date: 05-02-2018

The modular AHT infrared floor panels, with beautiful wood grain design, have been installed in a historic church in Lombardy. In this way the existing church floor remained undamaged while the panels fit perfectly into the interior of the church.

Date: 16-01-2017

Many fruit trees suffer from (late) night frosts, causing the flowers to freeze and thus the harvest of that year is lost. A kiwiberry grower has applied the infrared ribbons to protect his branches against this night frost.

Date: 16-01-2018

The AHT infrared mats are ideal for yoga studio floors, for this reason they were applied in this Italian yoga studio in Bologna.

Date: 15-01-2018

The plug-and-play AHT BASIC floor heating modules were applied under a laminate floor. The infrared plates serve as main heating ource at this prestigious Italian restaurant.

Date: 15-01-2018

On the Innovation Square of the Dutch pavilion at the international 'Grüne Woche' in Berlin, AHT presented its innovative infrared solution for heating greenhouses. Here the opportunities of infrared in the agricultural sector is discussed with Carola Schouten, the Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

Date: 29-01-2018

To speed up the growth of peonies and amarillos, tests have been carried out with different types of infrared ribbons, which have been applied both in and just above the ground. An extensive monitoring program from Wageningen University is part of the tests.

Date: 16-01-2018

AHT Amorphous metal ribbon heating mats were chosen as main heating source for the Olive Garden Residence Project in Limassol - Cyprus, a luxury apartment complex with 16 apartments on 4 floors.

Date: 25-11-2017

The AHT infrared heating mats were installed in a revolutionary modular home concept that is built in one day. Modules are prefabricated (including infrared mats) and assembled on site. All parts are environmentally friendly.

Date: 23-11-2017

The advanced AHT Advanced Amorphous Metal Ribbon Technology was presented for the first time at the "Tirana International Fair" in Albania between 23 and 26 November 2017.

Date: 10-11-2017

The various AHT infrared heating products were shown at the MFCC Home & Interiors exhibition in Malta.

Date: 03-11-2017

AHT infrared heating mats were installed in the Nuts castle on Isle La Hesse near Bastogne (B), which served as the headquarters of the legendary 101 Airborne Division during the Battle of the Bulge in the Second World War.

Date: 23-10-2017

AHT heating panels are installed in a piglet barn to provide piglets with uniform heat immediately after birth and therefore optimal animal welfare while saving energy. Tests were conducted by the AERES University of Applied Science in Almere.

Date: 28-08-2017

AHT infrared heating mats were installed in this villa in the city of Troyan (named after the Roman emperor Trajan), in the province of Lovech in central Bulgaria.

Date: 31-07-2017

The AHT infrared outdoor heating ribbons were installed on the steps of a Moscow metro station.

Date: 27-07-2017

In the Italian city of Montedinove, infrared heating ribbons have been installed under a steep slope in the old city center. The ribbons are integrated in the layer of gravel under the block paving elements.

Date: 17-07-2017

In the Romanian Biserica Poiana Sibiului orthodox church, the entire floor is equipped with AHT infrared heating mats (incorporated in a cement-bound top layer).

Date: 27-06-2017

In the West Romanian city of Timisoare, infra-red heating mats have been installed in the rooms of an AHT office building as main heating source.

Date: 14-06-2017

The AHT Advanced Amorphous Metal Ribbon Technology was presented at the AQUATHERM 2017 International Exhibition 2017 in Kiev - Ukraine between May 30 and June 2, 2017. Aquatherm is the largest international HVAC exhibition held in Ukraine with more than 450 exhibitors and many tens of thousands of visitors under one roof.

Date: 26-05-2017

The employees of the Mercedes Benz factory in Moscow are partly accommodated in mutually connected portable cabins. The AHT infrared heating mats were chosen as the main heating source for all the units.

Date: 26-05-2017

Caroline Park is a collection of luxury properties in a beautiful environment consisting of tailor-made villas on large plots, centered around a green park with an area of more than 30,000 m2. In search of the highest quality and the most efficient and environmentally friendly method of heating, the AHT Amorphous Metal Ribbon Electric underfloor heating system was chosen.

Date: 26-04-2017

AHT-Italy and AHT-Netherlands joint their forces on Asphaltica, the exhibition of technologies and solutions for road paving, safety and infrastructures. As this fair brings together the most important (international) specialist on infrastructure, the AHT-experts presented the amorphous metal ribbon technology for outdoor applications.

Date: 14-04-2017

The Villa Rossa Boutique Luxury Resort, built in 1903, was in need of major renovation. The monuments were equipped with AHT Amorphous Metal Ribbon electric underfloor heating as the most efficient, economical, unobtrusive and maintenance-free solution to heat all areas of the hotel.

Date: 12-04-2017

The AHT Advanced Amorphous Metal Ribbon Technology was presented at the Building-A-House Exhibition 2017 in St. Petersburg between 25 and 26 March 2017. The Building-A-House Exhibition is an important housing fair in north-west Russia.

Date: 30-03-2017

A company producing small plants in huge greenhouses wanted to save energy by not heating all the air in the greenhouse to provide the right temperature for the plants. Instead infra red heating mats were installed directly under the plants, enabling to comfort the plants with the right heat on an individual basis. The result: less energy consumption and an faster growing plants.

Date: 10-02-2017

A big producer of mushrooms, delivering to several European countries, recently built a new production hall and head office. It appeared, that the graceful staircases became slippery during winter conditions. AHT Netherlands solved the problem by installing the amorphous metal ribbon technology directly under the concrete stairs.

Date: 04-02-2017

Cyprus may provide a great holiday in the sun but during winter it can get pretty cold with temperatures even below zero. For Sweet Homes Estates, a leading property developer in Cyprus, a reason to choose for the reliable AHT amorphous metal ribbon electric underfloor heating system to provide the best and most efficient heating system for tis Pearl Residences Project.

Date: 02-02-2017

Following the ongoing success of property sales at Limassol Marina, a new range of 29 luxury apartments has been released for sale at Nireas Residence. For this unique project AHT provided over 3.000 m2 of infra red heating mats as this technology was chosen by the tender’s committee to be the best value for money for both its capital as well as its operating costs.

Date: 11-01-2017

In the Portugees city of Cascais, located where the River Tagues meets the ocean, AHT mats were installed in the most chic and expensive housing complex and golf course in modern Portugal, the Quinta Da Marinha Resort.

Date: 01-11-2016

In Moscow the winter season can be very hard, so the management of the new Otrada complex decided to go for the best available outdoor heating system and installed the AHT amorphous metal outdoor ribbons on the ramp of the main access road of the complex.

Date: 01-10-2016

Brians Custom Audio is specialised in installing the best available audio systems in luxury sports cars. For these tailor made solutions, they have a perfectly equipped workshop. In order to provide heating comfort for their mechanics, AHT provided to mobile infra red mats (1 x 5 m) to be placed along the Ferrari’s and other sports cars while installing the audio system.

Date: 01-10-2016

The housing market in Rumania is expanding, an example of this is the residential complex Mosnita. All these typical Rumanian houses were provided with the infra red heating technology of AHT.

Date: 01-10-2016

In the Netherlands, it is very trendy to refurbish industrial heritage buildings. One example is an old bakery factory, that was transformed into a modern office with individual container units for start-ups. As it was almost impossible to heat up the whole building, the solution was heating up the offices by placing small infra red mats, covered with a carpet.

Date: 01-10-2016

In the beautiful mansion at the Hoge Boekel estate in Enschede the owner decide to completely renovate the project, which took 3 years and costed ca. 1,5 million Euro. As the demands regarding quality and heating comfort were high, it was decided to install the AHT Amorphous Metal Ribbon heating mats.

Date: 15-09-2016

In the city of Kineta the AHT technology was installed in a 600 m2 luxury beach villa. For the project a Class A Performance Certificate was required. AHT competed with 8 different proposals of the best available heating technologies from Germany, Italy, Sweden, Spain and the USA. AHT succeeded based on their unique selling points as there is no need for any service, repair or maintenance.

Date: 29-08-2016

The Hangzou area in China is attracting more and more tourists who visit the famous Xi Xi Wetland and the Lingyin Temple. In order to provide a warm and cosy environment for its guests, the Hangzhou Xi Xi Yi Shu Boutique Hotel was totally renovated. In doing so the unique amorphous metal ribbon Technology was being installed in all 67 bedrooms.

Date: 28-07-2016

In order to deal with the harsh winter conditions in Massachusetts a private house owner did not want to deal with snow and ice on her property. So, AHT installed infra red outdoor ribbons on the foot path in the garden, the drive and parking place, including the roof and gutters of the house.

Date: 22-07-2016

Eindhoven is the most innovative city in the whole of Europe. It is no wonder, that in this environment AHT Amorphous Metal Ribbon heating mats were installed in ‘Plug-in City’, a permanent demonstrator of experimental and sustainable building methods.

Date: 16-07-2016

DeMors is a fully industrialized carpentry company in the east of Holland, producing wooden doors, window frames, panels and complete wooden interiors for their customers to the highest possible standards. Recently a new canteen was built for all the factory workers, whereby the wooden interior had to be representative for the quality that DeMors provides. It was for this reason, that over 100 m2 infra red mats were installed to comfort the workers.

Date: 16-06-2016

AHT Netherlands provided a technical paper “Novel heating technologies to control the surface conditions of pavements” on the Eurasphalt and Eurobitume (E&E) Congress ( The paper, a co-production with professor Dr. Cesare Sangiorgi from Bologna University (Italy), deals with practical research into the AHT amorphous ribbon heating system.

Date: 09-06-2016

Jiuxing market is biggest construction market of Shanghai with over 1 million square meter and over 7.000 shops and stores for all sort of building materials. AHT is now present with an AHT Experience center, showing the many advantages of the amorphous metal heating technology for floors, walls and ceilings.

Date: 18-12-2015

The Convent of Archangel Michael in Analyontas (Cyprus) traces its origins to the 12th century and is considered an archaeological treasure of extreme importance. Unchanged since 1769, in 2015 it was time for a major restoration, to be carried out but without changing the convent’s historical identity. AHT provided a heating system, that is not visible, not noisy, needs no maintenance, is economical and provides fast heating without raising the convent’s floor level.

Date: 09-12-2015

In order to keep up with the ever increasing demand for the AHT products, a new factory was built in Brasov, Rumania. Due to this totally new production facility, our products cannot only be produced in quantity but also to the highest quality. It also shortens the route to our customers in all of Europe.

Date: 01-10-2015

In the city of Zaläu, the capital of the Salaj districht in the North West of Rumania, new modern appartments were built against West European standards. No wonder, they chose for the AHT indoor heating mats in order to create the best heating comfort.

Date: 23-07-2015

The AHT Amorphous Ribbon indoor heating mat system was chosen as the most efficient, eco-friendly and sustainable new heating technology and for these reasons has been installed in the “Tree-House” Project in Trentino-Italy. The Tree-House Project has been presented at the Italian Buildings & Innovations 2016 competition by the prestigious MQaa - STUDIO & Partners artists designers and architects group.

Date: 12-07-2015

In the Rumanian city of Timisoara the AHT outdoor heating ribbons were installed in a commercial building. The ribbons are situated on a layer of insulation and covered with concrete.

Date: 10-07-2015

The New International Expo Center, in the heart of Shanghai, was hosting the 11th China International Indoor Heating System and New Energy Equipment Exhibition. As this is the place to be in China for suppliers of environmentally friendly heating products, AHT was present to show their product range.

Date: 30-06-2015

The AHT Outdoor heating ribbons were installed under different types of block paving in a layer of sand and cement. In total 75 AHT Outdoor heating ribbons were installed in an area of about 350 m2 to guarantee the safety of the nursing home residents. The AHT Outdoor heating ribbons are situated in the footpaths that are part of the inner court yard of the nursing complex and are divided in 7 single zones, that all are individually controlled by separate control units and sensors.

Date: 23-06-2015

In the Rumanian city of Tandarei the AHT heating mats were installed, covering the whole of the floor in the Tandarei City Church.

Date: 12-06-2015

Castel Goffredo is a beautiful medieval Italian town in Monza. During the cold Lombary winters, the church temperature hovers around 50 C. The local committee of historical and cultural heritage then decided to install 200 Watt/m2 armed plaster AHT heating panels fixed on the walls. The result: fast reaching temperatures of 270 C without the structure of the church being altered.

Date: 19-05-2015

Walkways must provide a safe, anti-slip, level walking surface for anyone. When using a 2-3 cm thick epoxy resin grained top layer with an open structure, this becomes a problem as this is very sensitive for freezing. AHT provided the solution by installing special 300 Watt/m2 heating mats under the top surface.

Date: 13-05-2015

Designwerker, an innovative German Outdoor Advertizing & Sign company based in Penzberg-Bavaria after applying their strict criteria decided to use the unique AHT Amorphous Ribbon heating mats in their “INFO-BURO” line (small display – exhibition rooms) which they are selling to companies as a tool to get more consumers to come into contact with their product and services more easily.

Date: 23-04-2015

Middleton Park by Thomson Homes is an exclusive development of four and five bedroom executive homes. A Thompson home has top quality fittings and equipment as standard - including electric underfloor heating. Fitted directly under all floor coverings without the need for any screed layer, the AHT system allows Thomson Homes to meet customer requests for fast and economic underfloor heating throughout the home with ease and comfort.

Date: 06-04-2015

AHT products were shown on the 16th Aquatherm Nitra Exhibition, the leading trade exhigbition for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, water supply, sanitary and environmental technology in Slovakia and neighbouring countries.

Date: 24-02-2015

In the Dutch city of Laren (Gelderland) the installation of AHT outdoor heating ribbons was carried out in a public underpass. A total of 1.200 m of AHT outdoor ribbons were used to de-ice a total of about 50 x 3.6 m on both sides of the underpass. The ribbons were used in asphalt and under block paving elements.

Date: 27-11-2014

Benetti ,the world’s leading builder of Custom Mega Yachts with 140 years of history, over 300,000 sq. m of production facilities at six boatyards in Italy and presently 36 yachts under construction has the highest standards when it comes to appearance , comfort and quality. It is in this regard, that Benetti has chosen for the AHT Amorphous Metal Ribbon Heating technology.

Date: 29-07-2014

The AHT Advanced Amorphous Metal Ribbon Technology was presented at the innovation Boost Camp, initiated by Bouwend Nederland. Mr. Maxine Verhagen, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and currently Chairman of Bouwend Nederland, representing 4.600 affiliated construction and infrastructure companies, showed special interest in the technology.

Date: 25-06-2014

In cooperation with Movares, one of the leading consulting engineers in rail infrastructure the Netherlands, AHT installed the outdoor de-icing ribbons in a platform of a new station in Utrecht. Holland has a very dense railway structure, so the Dutch Railway Authority (ProRail) choose for AHT in order to create a safe situation for their passengers whist getting off and on the train during winter conditions.

Date: 18-05-2014

The AHT deicing technology was installed at a sloped road at the Yuhan Kimberly factory in Seoul, the largest manufacturer of sanitary products in Korea. Due to the installation the ramp can be used 24/7 by hundreds of cars, trucks and forklifts.

Date: 05-05-2014

The Portomaso Business Tower in St Julinan’s, offering a top-quality business environment and with a height of 98 metres one of Malta’s most iconic modern landmarks, chose for AHT technology.

Date: 11-04-2014

The unique Eurovea Galleria, the largest office retail and residential complex in Slovakia, including the 5 star Sheraton Hotel, in the very hart of Bratislava now has the first AHT heating mats installed.

Date: 03-04-2014

With an inspiring stand the AHT-group of companies was present at the leading Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCA) trade fair in Milan that registered over 156.000 trade visitors from all over the globe.

Date: 18-03-2014

The AHT heating technology was installed in 41 luxurious apartments in the prestigious Peninsula Villas Project, an exclusive waterfront development by a world-renowned team of architects and engineers.

Date: 14-03-2014

In cooperation with Volkmann & Rossbach a first project was done for the German Highway Authorities by heating the asphalt road surface of a highly sophisticated truck parking place along the German Autobahn.

Date: 23-10-2013

At the international trade fair for amenity areas, sports and pool facilities FSB in Cologne (Germany) the AHT de-icing ribbon technology for artificial turf fields was shown at the stand of APE Technologies.

Date: 22-10-2013

Official market introduction by Leicon of 'Thermaton', precasted concrete slabs with AHT de- icing technology, at the exhibition Dag van de Openbare Ruimte.

Date: 09-10-2013

The Dutch based firm Desso Sports Systems, a FIFA preferred producer of artificial turf fields, choose for the AHT de-icing ribbon technology as they built a football field in Norwegian city of Valengera.

Date: 26-09-2013

Set in the heart of Milan's renewed Piazza Duca D'Aosta, Le Meridien Galia is one of the most prestigious hotels in Italy. Opened in 1932, Le Meridien Gallia features an art nouveau façade and remains one of the most celebrated and luxurious hotels in the whole of Europe, having thousands of celebrities form all corners of the world in its long history. In order to pamper the guests with a comfortable heating, the hotel chose for AHT electric underfloor heating system.

Date: 19-07-2013

In the land of the rising sun, the economy is strongly driven by technology. Therefore AHT and Nissan Global Company Ltd. reached a landmark agreement for the exclusive distribution of the AHT product range in Japan. It is a real honour to welcome president Ayukawa, Managing Director Yamasho-san and the rest of the Nissan Global team to the growing AHT group of companies.

Date: 01-07-2013

Geared to become one of Toronto's hottest condominiums, Market Wharf by Context represents a retur to simpler things in life – good company, fresh food, local conveniences and nature – all in the heart of the city. The combination of modern designs, high quality features and green technologies, places this project at the very top of the new Toronto condos construction scene. AHT amorphous ribbon technology floor heating systems have been chosen to upgrade the standards of living while fitting into a green energy saving attitude of the project.

Date: 26-06-2013

Apart form the unique cutting-edge advanced amorphous metal ribbon technology, the heating mats of AHT offer the best value for money ratio. As it basically is also relatively easy to apply, the heating mats are also available via retail chains, such as Home Depot in the United States of America. Home Depot, with revenue of $ 75 billion, 2.256 retail stores and 300.000 employees in the USA, Canada, Mexico and China, its stock traded on the New York Stock Exchange, is the world's largest and most famous home improvement specialty retailer.

Date: 14-05-2013

The Far East is of strategic importance for AHT, therefore a co-operation agreement has been reached with Unions Co. According to Unions president mr. Jason Lee and General Manager Sophy Pyong, South Korea will become the regional hub for AHT activities in the Far East. The agreement entails regional warehousing of the current AHT product line, servicing distributors in a number of neighbouring countries, the development of the new AHT LAR (Laminated Amorphous Ribbon) product range both for AC and DC use.

Date: 07-05-2013

The infra red heating technology of Advanced Heating Technologies was rewarded by the European Union with a grant of the European Fund of Regional Development (the Operational EFRO 2007 – 2013 Programme of the European Union). Together with a group of companies and a university, called the heated Roads Consortium (, an energy efficient heating system for road surfaces will be developed in order to influence the major parameter (temperature) that is responsible the grip between the surface and the tire and the durability of the asphalt.

Date: 14-03-2013

Toronto (Canada) was hit by a massive snowstorm and to deal with that, the city authorities mobilized 600 snowploughs, 300 sidewalk ploughs, 200 salt trucks, expressway ploughs, about 1.500 workers and tens of plough drivers. Beside of this, the people of this shopping center had no problems with the snow as they have chosen for the AHT outdoor heating technology and snow disappeared in a flash.

Date: 12-02-2013

The municipality of Duiven in the east of Holland wanted to create a safe crossing for pedestrians between a residence of senior people that need certain care and a small medical centre and pharmacy at the other end of the road. To make this crossing safe under winter conditions, it decided to use the AHT heating technology for de-icing. In order to reduce the construction time, the client chose for prefabricated concrete elements where the AHT amorphous metal ribbons were already casted in.

Date: 22-01-2013

As the government of the Province of Zuid Holland in the Netherlands wants to stimulate innovations in the domain of infrastructure, it organized a so called ' innovator pitch' where the most innovative companies were invited to show their latest innovations. The infra-red heating technology of AHT was rated as one of the most interesting and now will be used for heating sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, bicycle path's and asphalt bus lanes around a regional bus station.

Date: 24-12-2012

ProRail, the organization responsible for the construction, maintenance, management and safety of the Dutch railway network, stimulates innovations with their 'Unsollicited Proposal procedure'. AHT Netherlands took part in this procedure with the innovative infra-red technology of AHT as a perfect solution to keep platforms free of ice and snow and with that contributes to safety and less maintenance costs. The professionals of ProRail rated the innovations as very promising, first pilot projects are planned.

Date: 22-11-2012

The infra-red heating technology of AHT was presented to the Innovation Test Centre of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment in order to combat snow and ice on major roads to allow full mobility under winterly conditions. Based on the positive characteristics of the technology, the ministry ordered a specialised Dutch innovation consultancy to make a special business case study. Based on this, it is expected, that a test section will be built soon.

Date: 22-11-2012

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